Friday, January 12, 2018

2017 Christmas Music Videos

Here's our personal Calder family video to "The Little Drummer Boy!"

And here's our extended Calder family music video!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Music Video!

And here it is...our annual Calder family Christmas music video! The song is from the Muppet Christmas Carol.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

30 years young

Justin turned 30 years old on Aug. 12th! We just love our guy and were happy to celebrate him. We were able to go to the Leonardo in SLC for the Flight Exhibit. We had this planned since Myah's b day when some of my family brought it up and thought it would be a perfect idea for Justin's special day! And it WAS! Such a fun place.
 The next night I surprised Justin with a little party with some friends from our ward! Luckily he hadn't suspected anything and was very surprised!

Myah's growing up!

Myah has learned to ride a bike without training wheels! She pretty much taught herself and she did great! The first two nights she learned to balance on Reagan's smaller bike without the pedals.
Then Justin put the pedals back on and she immediately rode fine!
 And now she's a pro on her big bike!

Also, a few months ago Myah was on a T-ball team for Layton city. She had a fun time and we had a fun time watching kids running all over, not knowing what they were supposed to do!! They got better though...some better!

Myah turns 5!

On July 29th Myah turned 5 years old! She had a great time celebrating with family. I know I always say this, but I can't believe she is this old! I still feel like I'm 20 (even though I'm almost 30) so it is strange to me to have a 5 year old about to enter kindergarten! Myah did a 6-week summer school program which helped her get to know one of the teachers, the classroom, some classmates, and the flow of things. She loved it and we just love her!
the Tews
On  her birthday we had cake and ice cream with some of my family and then the next day went swimming at the Rush Funplex with more of my family. (Yes, Myah asked for a Christmas tree cake. I'm not sure why!)
 the Calders
On Sunday we went to celebrate with Justin's family. Myah felt so loved and was so excited for all of her presents!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Birthday and the Binky Fairy!

Reagan turned three on May 23rd!! She is such a fun little girl though she has her defiant and cranky times! She's very smart and loving. She loves playing outside, coloring, doing art projects, playing with Myah and friends, and doing anything Myah does!
 We played a whip cream game with our friends. Reagan preferred to just eat the cream!
On May 15th we celebrated Reagan and her Nana's birthdays:
In April, the Binky Fairy came!! Reagan got all of her binkies, put them in a bag, wrapped them up, and the next morning the Binky Fairy had taken that bag and left Reagan a present in return! It was a very exciting time. And Reagan has done great without the binkies. There were a few night that she cried a little but overall she did great!
Leaving the binkies for the pickup.
 Finding what the Binky Fairy left for Reagan!
 She was so excited!!!
Reagan decided to name the horse "Sassy" all on her own and she is IN LOVE with her! It's been so nice to not have to worry about binkies anymore!!!! I do not miss Reagan yelling for me in the night because she couldn't find her binky. Good job Reagan, our cute little girl!

Preschool Graduation!

This year Myah was in preschool with Ms. Janet and Ms. Danae. She loved it and her cute personality really grew. She became a little more outgoing and sure of herself. Myah and I will miss her teachers so much!
We gave her teachers these "caterpillar" gummies attached to a butterfly balloon. They really helped her grow into a beautiful butterfly!
Two of Myah's best friends, Lexi and Ollie.
The singing program was so much fun and Myah had a blast singing for all the parents!
We just love Ms. Janet! She really helped Myah when she was nervous and helped her through the emotions, especially when Justin went to South Carolina. I'm so proud of Myah for doing so well! Ms. Janet said that Myah was always so good to listen and then to help any struggling students. She is such a sweet girl and I'm glad she kept her sweetness while at school!